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Engaging doctors in the healthcare revolution

Engaging doctors in the healthcare is the biggest issue – the issue that #HumanizeMedical movement is all about. This month, Harvard Business Review published an article, Engaging doctors in the healthcare revolution. HBR writes: A health care revolution is underway, and doctors must be part of it. But many are deeply anxious and angry about the transformation, fearing loss of autonomy, resp ...[Read More]

Electronic skin is setting the stage for a health care revolution

Electronic skin moves us closer to cyborgs The filmlike patches can keep track of brain activity, medication needs, wound healing, and more “Electronic skin” is blurring the lines between biological tissue and electronics. These filmlike patches, introduced in 2011, contain incredibly thin circuits, sensors and other electronic components and mount onto the skin with all the flexibility and stretc ...[Read More]

How young people can create breakthrough ideas

We were not wrong when we wrote: Today’s Gen-Y students can create anything provided you are able to excite them enough. Case in point: A 15-year-old created a cancer testing method that was 168-times faster, 400-times more sensitive and 26,000-times cheaper than medical standard. See Jack Andraka’s prize-winning video event on our Facebook page. Give them these problems to solve. With probl ...[Read More]

A Palestinian is the youngest doctor in the Arab world

Medicine is one of the most humanitarian professions in the world – yet one of the longest. When someone enrolls in a medical school, we all know that by the time they finish school they will be 30 or at least in their late 20’s. But not for this girl. Iqbal El-Assaad, 20, is a Palestinian Muslim woman that started the medicine school when she was just 14 years old! Amazing isn’t ...[Read More]

The story of launching HM website: irony

This is the blog section of our website. Stories as they happen. Today | Friday 13 June 2014: We just launched this website. Irony: As soon as we announced the plans to launch this website, Karachi went dark. Because of some malfunction in power distribution, power outage happened for over 24 hours in a two days period. So did internet. It still hasn’t returned. Thanks to our neighbours who ...[Read More]