A Palestinian is the youngest doctor in the Arab world

Iqbal El-Assaad

Medicine is one of the most humanitarian professions in the world – yet one of the longest. When someone enrolls in a medical school, we all know that by the time they finish school they will be 30 or at least in their late 20’s.

But not for this girl. Iqbal El-Assaad, 20, is a Palestinian Muslim woman that started the medicine school when she was just 14 years old! Amazing isn’t it?

She enrolled at Weil Cornell Medical Collage in Qatar when she was just 14.

Iqbal El-Assaad1

She got her bachelors degree in medicine with honors and and was certified by the Guinness World Records as the youngest doctor in the Arab world!

Iqbal El-Assaad2

She has been set to go to Ohio, USA, to continue her further education and become a pediatrician!

Source: Various online reports


  1. First of all: she is not a “doctor”. She is a Bachelor of Medicine.

    Bachelor of Medicine: This is the primary qualification required for a doctor.

    Further experience and studying for 2 more years will make MBBS a MD. The Bachelor of Medicine is the degree pathway to becoming a doctor.

    The youngest Doctor of Medicine was Balamurali Ambati. He was 17.


    If this woman would be the youngest “Doctor of Medicine” in the world (she is not a doctor), she would have to to be under 17. By the way: she is not 14, the article says she started “medicine school” when she was 14. I found out that she is 20 years old.


    Not the “youngest doctor in the world”.


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