Delivery methods

The learning & teaching go digital, tablet-based and app-based

The heavy, print and text-based editions will be replaced by visually-appealing apps in Human Physiology or Human Development Psychopathology on a tablet the students will carry during their school time.

They will turn into e-Doctor and their patients into e-Patient. Just like an HP/Dell engineer who has app-based competence in his all machines and models and can diagnose with a touch of a button without the need to memorize all models.

Beyond face-to-face, classroom delivery, there will be other delivery platforms: MOOCs, distance learning, self-access.

We also need to consider about those potential medics who do not want to go through the rigour of medical education (bit have self-taught them), but could be gifted physicians, and how to incorporate them into mainstream.

We will aim to feature best practices from around the world in this area. If you know any medical school is experimenting with paperless, tablet-based delivery, send us their case study and we will publish it here.

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