Faculty behavior

The medical faculty will treat students as peers and overwhelming powerplay will find an exit door at medical schools and in residency halls. From the current class size in 3-digits, the number become smaller and each student is treated the way they want: mass customization is the name of game.

Currently, the professors may become dismissive, allusive, distant. Because: that’s the way they had been treated at medical school! This vicious cycle will stop.

Today’s Gen-Y students, who have little respect for authority and low tolerance threshold, will be treated as they want: with a paradoxical blend of a bit of guiding and a bit of autonomy. If their self-esteem is not hurt at the training stage, there’s likelihood that they will treat patients with dignity and empathy when they become physicians.

We will aim to feature best practices from around the world in this area. If you know any medical school which makes it faculty respect the student and make faculty accountable, send us their case study and we will publish it here.

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