#HumanizeMedical visits paperless Indus Hospital


As part of surveying which hospitals and doctors accentuate the humanizing aspect in their services, we reached The Indus Hospital in Korangi, Karachi.

Indus is Pakistan’s first paperless hospital. That’s one distinction. Use of technology and a home-grown HIMS is being used to remove paper wastage.


For the poor, it’s free medical care. Even the rich won’t be charged. Although they are welcome to donate if they wish so. That’s second distinction.


The third distinction is that Indus prides itself with quality care with what they call dignity. Just because patients are poor or could be illiterate and from villages in rural Sindh doesn’t mean they needed to be shoved. So a decent, systemic attempt to register and seat them at OPD or receive them at ER is what Indus is trying to achieve.


The fourth distinction is that they have a 2024 vision. Under which they will increase the capacity from current 150-bed to 1,500-bed, with five-times OPDs. This will happen in three phases, phase 1 to be completed by 2017.

The fifth distinction is that their new campuses will be designed using renewable and solar energy resources with the help of a Singaporean designer firm which has experience of designing hospitals there. When complete, it will look like this, below!


The sixth distinction is that their model is scalable. Which means anyone with resources and land can set up similar healthcare facilities anywhere. Indus’s oversight of a hospital in Muzaffargarh, Punjab, is a testimony to that.

Although I have met him on several occasions, the Indus CEO Dr Abdul Bari Khan, was not around during our visit. His team of CFO Ahson Tariq, Saqib Zeeshan and Mohsin Ali Bahadurani toured us around.

More in future, insha Allah.

By Wali Zahid, founder, #HumanizeMedical

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