#HumanizeMedical is a movement that started with the notion that patients are human first. The medical practitioners treating them need to put human aspect before cure. They can only do this when medical education emphasizes ‘being humane’ as the core value.

In its nature, it’s not incremental-improvement campaign; it’s a disruptive movement aiming at total system redesign – from premedical education to specialization to practice to public healthcare delivery in all parts of the world.

#HumanizeMedical was started in May 2014 by Wali Zahid, a futurist and a disruptor. Based in Pakistan, Wali has taught healthcare professionals, medical faculty and medical administrators. Wali is currently the ceo of SkillCity, a learning and coaching firm, with Fortune-500 clients on its list.

The movement is being run by volunteers.

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