How it began

It began with a death in the family.

Wali Zahid’s younger sister Fatima Gul (18 April 1966-8 May 2014) died of GBS, a rare disease, after three weeks on a ventilator in ICU. During her hospitalization, Wali became a night attendant and observed the fundamental flaw in medical practice. One word: apathy!

More on this, in Wali’s first post on his website,

A week later, Wali published this post (in two parts) on his LinkedIn profile. In response to these posts and his Facebook and Twitter followers encouraged him to take it to next step as it was a global issue.

Wali’s son, Ali Zahid, ceo,, currently based in Dubai, bought a domain and set up this website.

Volunteers will take it from here.

See Volunteer. Now! section on how you can contribute.

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