Today as it is

Some of the striking facts are:

  • Access to healthcare globally is dismal amid millions of preventable deaths
  • Where you have access to healthcare, it’s expensive
  • Complaints of wrong diagnosis, or overtreatment are commonplace
  • Physicians, hospitals and pharmaceuticals put profits before patients
  • Doctors are overworked, fatigued by routines and emergency nature of their jobs and become apathetic.
  • Procedures take precedence over personalized, individualized care
  • Patients and their attendants feel being neglected, uninformed, dismissed
  • Doctor’s empathy and patient cure are considered in either/or relationship.

Much of the above can be attributed to long, boring nature of medical education and residency spread over 16 years after high school where all-powerful faculty desensitize them.

This is where the total system redesign reform comes.

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