Tips to avoid heat stroke

tips to avoid heat stroke

Karachi has been hit by high temperatures and heat wave. In a matter of three days, nearly 1,000 people have lost lives.

We need to create awareness for people on how to avoid heat stroke.

Please share these tips with everyone you know.

Tips to avoid heat stroke

1 Avoid going outdoor in direct exposure to sun
2 Stay indoors in ventilated room. Use fan
3 If outdoors, stay/sit/walk under a tree/shade
4 Wear loose clothing
5 Drink plenty of iced water
6 Apply wet, soaked cloth to head, face, body
7 With medical illnesses? Avoid fasting during excess heat
8 In fever, use tepid body sponging of entire body
9 In high temp, do not take aspirin/paracetamol. It interferes with body’s cooling mechanism

EuroWEATHER - Heat and discomfort index

Heat index: Danger zone once we cross 40C.

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